14 books that will be movies soon

I’m a huge believer in reading the book before I see the movie. There’s just something about the detail & insight that a novel can provide that doesn’t always translate to film. Sometimes the filmmaker just doesn’t get it, think My Sister’s Keeper, & sometimes they’re spot on, think Hunger Games or anything by Nicholas Sparks.

Buzzfeed recently published a listing of 14 books that you should read before the movies comes out. There are a few that just don’t seem like my cup of tea. Here’s what I’ll be reading:

I’ve heard that The Mortal Instruments series is kind of slow. I’ll probably make an exception & see that movie first.

The Fault in Our Stars was already on my list courtesy of a friend who loves John Green.

I’ve already read Gone Girl & am super stoked that they’ll be filming soon.

If I Stay sounds like it may follow the format of The Lovely Bones. I love the idea of looking in on your family & friends.

I love a good John Hughes film & The Spectacular Now is being compared to Say Anything, so of course I’ll be seeing it.

I’ve always enjoyed a good mystery, hence my shelf full of Mary Higgins Clark, and Reconstructing Amelia appears to combine that with the family drama I love in Jodi Piccoult’s writing.


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