Five Minute Friday: Last


One of the greatest ways to hone writing skills is to write! Sounds so simple, but it’s hard for me to find (or make) the time. Five-Minute Fridays by Lisa-Jo Baker makes it a little easier. Every Friday she posts a writing prompt & invites anyone to spend 5 minutes writing on it. You can find full details here. This week’s prompt is: Last.


For many years I struggled with the idea of being last, the one not chosen, the one not good enough. But last also calls to mind endurance. Lasting friendships, lasting love, lasting dreams. I’ve been the one left behind because something didn’t last, but I’ve always been blessed by things that do endure. I have had a group of friends who have loved me unconditionally for 20 years. I have found a man who supports me in everything I do & makes me confident that his love will last.

Now that I have become to overcome those fears of being last, of being not chosen, I have begun to wonder – what will I leave behind? What of me will last? Maybe that is why I’ve felt a calling to write again after many years of not. I want my words, my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences to endure.



One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Last

  1. I too often wonder what of me will last, what I truly will leave for this next generation. I want to make a lasting impact in this world. Sounds so big, but with God it’s possible. Thankful I stopped by from the Five Minute Friday!

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