Five Minute Friday: Red

Every Friday Lisa-Jo Baker posts a writing prompt & invites anyone to spend 5 minutes writing on it. You can find full details here. Im late, but this week’s prompt was: Red.


Red is the color of blood. I am scared to death of needles & pass out at the first sign of pain. So I am the most surprised that a single drop blood should so fascinate me, excite me,
pleasure me.

When I started, it was like candy. Forbidden. I’m not even sure that it had to with pain, which is what is most associated with. Though I look back & if was about release. And release from pain is what it’s really about. Or that’s what the studies say.

Now, it’s more about punishment. I’ve done something wrong. Or if I haven’t, or don’t know about it, I will have done something. And I deserve it.


PS. I recently finished Gillian Flynn’s sharp objects. So please don’t worry or stage an intervention. I saw “Red” & followed the protagonist.


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