To be a writer, you must write

Nicholas Sparks says that “You can’t be a writer if you don’t write, it’s just that simple.” To write well, you must write often. He writes 5-6 days per week, averaging 2,000 words per day. That amount is intimidating to me, who struggles with every word. How am I supposed to come up with 2,000 words in one day when I can barely get 100 out?!?

I write two posts per week for another blog, Lynn’s Place. They are commentary on reality TV shows. Not hard hitting stuff, but I get to put pen to paper & write something that people read.  You can check out my latest on the Real Housewives of Miami here.  It’s been an amazing opportunity to spend time writing each week and it’s much easier to write when the topic is provided.  Plus, I’m becoming part of a community that encourages & supports each other’s writing.


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