Nature in the Bedroom

I have a cat.  His name is Cat.  He is also lovingly known as the Orange Ball of Terror in tribute to his destructive capabilities.  When I first brought Cat home I lived in an apartment.  He was an indoor cat by necessity, though he tried to escape into the wild whenever possible.  We moved into a house in April & Cat soon began venturing into the backyard.  First he went onto the patio, then into the grass, then into the flowerbeds & now he’s jumping fences.  I’m glad that Cat is enjoying the outdoors.  However, as he spends more time out there, some previously dormant instincts have begun to emerge.

It all started when we installed the dog door.  It took Cat a few days to figure it out, but now he is constantly in and out at night.  A few weeks ago we were awakened in the middle of the night to some very strange Cat noises.  He jumped onto the bed & laid down, as he usually does.  However, he brought a friend with him.  After some screaming & jumping around at the realization that there was something else alive in our bed, we turned the lights on.  There, on the pillow, sat a small mouse.  He looked at us & proceeded to run under the bed to hide.  All the while, Cat sat looking very pleased with himself.  Half an hour later I managed to catch the mouse & release him into the wild.  We began mandatory mouth checks before Cat is allowed into the bedroom at night.


Later on in the week, we were again awakened by strange noises.  This time the animals were in the kitchen.  Cat and Cassie, the dog, had cornered a mouse.  Neither seemed quite sure what to do with it.  Attempts to capture & release the mouse failed.  He managed to wedge himself into a hole underneath the cabinets.  I went back to bed, assuming that the mouse would fend for himself.  Unfortunately he did not & we had our first mouse death by the next day.

I was awakened last night by Cassie frantically trying to fit her head underneath the treadmill.  I mustered up the courage to investigate & was met by a pair of beady, reptile eyes.  Sure that it was a snake, I did what any rational person would do – screamed, jumped onto the bed & called my significant other (who was in New Mexico) for help. Cassie got tired & abandoned me to go outside. Fortunately the reptile emerged & turned out to be a small frog.  I was able to capture him & release him into the wild.  I shut my door & went back to sleep.  Cat was locked out of the bedroom.


Cat, being the sensitive creature that he is, was hurt by the fact that I did not appreciate his live gift.  This morning, when I opened my door I was greeted by another gift.  This time, a dead mouse.  Again, Cat sat nearby looking very pleased.  All outdoor, nighttime privileges have been revoked until further notice.  The dog door will remain shut & locked.  There has been way too much nature in the house recently.


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