The message she found

Today’s Daily Writing Prompt is:


The night had been amazing, perfect even.  This was her first big party with him, his entrance into her world.   Everyone’s eyes were on her & the new man at her side.  They danced the night away. Any reservations that she had about him drifted away as his arms wrapped around her.  Now they were sitting at the bar, tucked away in a quiet corner.  He excused himself for a moment, looking back over his shoulder as he walked away.

The phone on the bar vibrated .  She looked around for him, but he was nowhere in sight.  It vibrated again.  There was no reason why she shouldn’t pick it up.  Isn’t that what couples did?  And they were a couple, that much was obvious after tonight.  Her had stretched out toward the phone.  The phone vibrated for a third time as her fingers closed around it.  She flipped it over just as another text message appeared on the screen.  Too bad I couldn’t be there with you tonight.  Can’t wait to see you later!


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