Five Minute Friday: Choose

Five Minute Fridays are back!  Today’s prompt is: Choose.  Go.

What does it mean to choose?  How much of who we are is a choice?  How much of what we are was determined before we were born?  I’ve been fascinated by those questions for as long as I can remember.  I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin.  But I am also an artist, a book lover.  I have a fondness for horses.  My grandmother was a librarian & my mother always has a book.  They have no idea where my interest in art came from, except that my birthmother painted.  My father grew up on a farm, though he doesn’t ride much.  My birthfather was in a rodeo.  I don’t know where my desire to write comes from, maybe from a love for books.  There’s something cathartic about choosing to share your thoughts & feelings with the world.



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