I’ve been an aspiring writer for as long as I can remember. Here’s some of the resources that I’ve found particularly helpful:

1. Stephen King’s On Writing is half memoir & half tutorial. It’s a must for anyone who loves his books or is interested in the craft of writing. His no-nonsense approach gives some insight into what it takes to write a novel. He also offers tips, writing prompts & other advice for aspiring writers.

2. Writers Write offers workshops in both creative & business writing. Though they are based in South Africa, they offer writing tips & other resources on their website. My favorite feature is the daily writing prompt. These are great if you’re looking to hone your skills because they give you a topic to start with. I use them as a way to overcome those days when I just don’t have any ideas.

3. Nicholas Sparks has a section of his website dedicated to ‘Advice for Writers.’

4. Lisa Jo Baker, a blogger, started Five Minute Fridays.  The idea is simple: she gives you a prompt on Friday, you write on that prompt for 5 minutes, you post your response.  It’s been amazing to expose my writing to such a supportive community.  I’ve gotten some great feedback.

5. Writer’s Digest posts weekly writing prompts.  These are a little more in-depth than the Writers Write or Five Minute Friday prompts.


One thought on “Writing

  1. I love Stephen King’s book on writing! I taught writing to 8th graders for many years – quite a challenge, but I loved to see their thinking show up in their writing. Deep thinking in 8th graders is not always obvious by their words or actions!

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